PRAKRITI is the first action, the origin of everything, the undifferentiated nature endowed with immense creation and transformation power.
PRAKRITI is also our original state, in which we are in full health and well-being.
Both these meanings share an underlying dynamism: everything that exists is interconnected with the whole, in a continuous information flow.
Health means being able to find a balance and/or rebalancing in this flow, living all the experiences with curiosity and intelligence.
Everything in this world can be useful or harmful to us, everything is related to the nature of our being, the environment in which we find ourselves, and that of substances: it is important to rediscover the ability to feel first, and then discriminate, in order to able to choose.
This is the teaching of Ayurveda and the true purpose of every cure, not only to regain the lost balance, but also to rediscover our ability to preserve it.


Scienza della vita, sistema medico tradizionale che promuove la salute a tutti i livelli, fisico, mentale e spirituale.



Unione della Coscienza Individuale e della Coscienza Universale. È la pratica del giusto vivere e prende in considerazione tutti gli aspetti della persona.


Seminari, conferenze, lezioni di yoga, percorsi di benessere e curativi e molto altro.


I nostri spazi

Tutte le camere a disposizione degli ospiti, a 2/3 letti, sono dotate di servizi privati.


Where we are

The magic of a large house embedded in a park like a delicate jewel in its casket, where often the only sound is the singing of the birds that populate the surrounding trees.

In June, fireflies light up the early hours of the night, with their flickering light among bushes and flowers.

Surrounded by the morainic hills located north of Udine, at a short distance from mountains, woods and streams, and from naturalistic areas such as:

  • The Quadris Oasis inhabited by storks, hermit ibis and various other species of aquatic birds
  • The Cornino Lake Nature Reserve, with its small enchanting lake and the colony of Griffins living in the mountains around the lake
  • the Butterfly House in Bordano: a research center with a tropical ecosystem in which butterflies freely fly among visitors
  • The stony shore of the Tagliamento river, considered the only one in the Alps and one of the few in Europe, which preserved its large riverbed and the original morphology of intertwined canals.

All this, in addition to other natural and historical places in the surroundings, offers the possibility of enjoying revitalizing walks for the body, mind and spirit.


+39 334 811 8428


Via Campo di Sotto, 1
33030, Buja (UD), Italy

How to reach us

By car:    A4 – A23 motorway, Gemona exit
By train:  Udine railway station
By plane: Trieste Ronchi dei Legionari Airport


There are several interesting activities to be explored in our territory.