They aim to explain Āyurveda and its principles while also providing practical indications for everyday life.

They are designed to develop specific topics and are generally free of charge.


They are both theoretical and practical, thus helping to better absorb the covered topics and concepts.

Dietary education according to the principles of Ayurveda is generally transferred with one-day thematic seminars, in order to deepen this important and complex subject in the best possible way.

Seminars of 2 or 3 days, on the other hand, are aimed at deepening the various practices related to the daily and periodical routines, which helps the attendees to learn by practicing them and understand the true meaning behind these important well-being habits, while experiencing their benefits.

Wellness and curative stays

In a unique and pacifying environment, following the right diet, and specific treatments chosen on the basis of the personal constitution and the specific imbalance detected through the patient evaluation by an Āyurvedic physician, who also supervises the entire treatment process.

Relaxing stays

Aimed at simply enjoying the natural environment of the Friulian hills with excursions to the many surrounding historical and naturalistic sites.